North Attleboro Youth Basketball (NAYB)

NAYB is a competitive youth program dedicated to helping the children of North Attleboro learn the fundamental skills of basketball, by providing instruction, competition and training for boys and girls in grades 4th-8th. NAYB competes in the MetroWest Basketball League, which is Massachusetts largest travel basketball organization. 


It is the mission of North Attleboro Youth Basketball (NAYB) to instruct, develop, and organize the youth players of the town, to help them achieve fundamental skills for basketball success, while also instilling lifelong values regarding character, teamwork, discipline, and respect through competitive basketball.

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Parents and Spectators are expected to: 

* Support the players, coaches, referees and league officials.
* Let the coaches’ coach the game – please do not coach from the stands.
* Let the referees officiate and do not question their calls.
* Be positive role models and provide the players with a positive experience.
* Display and instill the principles of good sportsmanship and team play.
* Conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.
* Refrain from using offensive language or gestures toward players, coaches or referees.
* Respect and treat opponents fairly. Avoid confrontation with their players, spectators or coaches.
* Accept the decisions of league officials and observe rules, policies and procedures.
* Comply with NAYB Code of Conduct during any NAYB event including but not limited to meetings, tryouts, games, practices, fundraisers, and tournaments.
* Be drug and alcohol free while at any NAYB event.

Players are expected to:

* Observe all rules and regulations outlined in the NAYB Code of Conduct at all NAYB events including but not limited to meetings, tryouts, games, practices, fundraisers, and tournaments.
* Always display good sportsmanship and team play.
* Follow directions and team policy as explained by the coaching staff.
* Respect all coaches, players, opponents, league officials, referees and spectators.
* Be on time and ready to play for all games and practices.
* Notify coaches in advance of events when they will be late or absent.
* Understand that NAYB teams are assembled based on tryouts/evaluations. If you accept a position on a team when offered, the expectation is that NAYB Basketball is your number one sport priority. Other teams/sports must be secondary. Missing practices and games for other teams/sport may result in loss of playing time.
Following tryouts, if you are placed on one of the teams and you decline your position on that team, you will be deemed ineligible to try out the following season.
* Treat all playing facilities with respect and do not leave behind trash/water bottles.
* Represent NAYB and the town of North Attleboro with pride, dignity, and sportsmanship.
* Be drug and alcohol-free while at any NAYB event.
* Note that failure to adhere to the NAYB Code of Conduct may influence playing time.

Unacceptable behaviors include: 

* Use of abusive or profane language.
* Bullying, taunting, hitting or humiliating any other player (opponent or teammate).
* Showing disrespect to a referee, official, coach or spectator.
* Intentionally damaging NAYB or teammates equipment or property.


All violations of the NAYB Code of Conduct shall be addressed on an individual basis. Decisions are at the discretion of the NAYB Board of Directors.