Practices and Games

MetroWest plays games on Sundays from December through March. All teams are eligible for the playoffs that begin in late February and conclude in early March.  NAYB teams practice twice a week; generally one on a weeknight and one on Saturday. Official practices start the week after Thanksgiving and continue until the season is completed.  All players are expected to attend all practices and games. Players who routinely miss practices or games will experience less playing time during games. Since these teams are assembled according to tryouts and evaluations, if your child accepts a position on a team when offered, the expectation is that NAYB Basketball is your child’s number one priority if they are playing on multiple teams or sports during the season.

Players participating in NAYB may also participate in the North Attleboro Recreation Department basketball program. These are run independently and there could be conflicts with Saturday practices or games, so please be aware of that possibility.


The fee for the 2019-2020 season will be $385. The following is included in the fee:

  • Each player will receive a brand new full uniform (shirt and shorts), a practice jersey, and a shooting shirt to keep.
  • NAYB is only charging $60 for all three items ($110 value) as we are rebranding our organization for all grades.


The NAYB registration fee covers each team’s participation in one tournament. NAYB will pay for all teams to play in either the Mass Premier Holiday Jamfest (Red Teams) or the NAYB Killer B Tournament (White Teams and/or Black Teams). Each team may choose to participate in as many tournaments as they wish, but the cost for additional tournaments will be parent funded. Coaches will confirm team interest and cost prior to committing to additional tournaments.

Uniforms and Equipment

Coaches are provided with practice and game basketballs, first aid kits, ice packs and scorebooks for the team’s use. For the 2019-20 NAYB season, part of the registration fee includes parents purchasing their own game uniforms to keep. Practice jerseys and shooting shirts are included in the registration fee for only the 2019-20 season.

  • Any damaged or lost uniforms, practice jerseys and/or shooting shirts will need to be replaced at full cost, by the player.
  • At NO time should a game uniform have a players last names on it.
  • Players last names will ONLY be on their shooting shirts.

NAYB Minimum Playing Time Requirements

MetroWest Regular Season games consist of 4 – 8 minute stop time quarters.

  • 4th grade: 12 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
  • 5th grade: 12 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
  • 6th grade: 10 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
  • 7th grade: 8 minutes per game; no less than 3 minutes in any half
  • 8th grade: 6 minutes per game; no less than 3 minutes in any half


The NAYB board asks that when filing a grievance, you wait 24 hours before writing an email or making a call.  After 24 hours, the process is as follows: speak to your child’s coach first. If there continues to be a problem then come to the board

From time to time, a player, parent or coach might have a grievance with another player, parent, coach or NAYB. If a grievance does arise, please follow NAYB’s Grievance policy. The objective with any grievance is to resolve the issue at the most immediate level.

We advise parents and players to wait 24 hours following an incident. This gives all parties a chance to cool down, vent with others and/or seek advice from others, and attempt to see the other side’s point of view.

We then recommend you approach the individual you have an issue with, as they are probably the best one to recognize the issue and work with you towards a solution.

If a resolution still cannot be reached, the NAYB Grievance Committee should be notified of the issue following the NAYB Grievance policy.

Parents and Spectators are expected to: 

* Support the players, coaches, referees and league officials.
* Let the coaches’ coach the game – please do not coach from the stands.
* Let the referees officiate and do not question their calls.
* Be positive role models and provide the players with a positive experience.
* Display and instill the principles of good sportsmanship and team play.
* Conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.
* Refrain from using offensive language or gestures toward players, coaches or referees.
* Respect and treat opponents fairly. Avoid confrontation with their players, spectators or coaches.
* Accept the decisions of league officials and observe rules, policies and procedures.
* Comply with NAYB Code of Conduct during any NAYB event including but not limited to meetings, tryouts, games, practices, fundraisers, and tournaments.
* Be drug and alcohol free while at any NAYB event.

Players are expected to:

* Observe all rules and regulations outlined in the NAYB Code of Conduct at all NAYB events including but not limited to meetings, tryouts, games, practices, fundraisers, and tournaments.
* Always display good sportsmanship and team play.
* Follow directions and team policy as explained by the coaching staff.
* Respect all coaches, players, opponents, league officials, referees and spectators.
* Be on time and ready to play for all games and practices.
* Notify coaches in advance of events when they will be late or absent.
* Understand that NAYB teams are assembled based on tryouts/evaluations. If you accept a position on a team when offered, the expectation is that NAYB Basketball is your number one sport priority. Other teams/sports must be secondary. Missing practices and games for other teams/sport may result in loss of playing time.
Following tryouts, if you are placed on one of the teams and you decline your position on that team, you will be deemed ineligible to try out the following season.
* Treat all playing facilities with respect and do not leave behind trash/water bottles.
* Represent NAYB and the town of North Attleboro with pride, dignity, and sportsmanship.
* Be drug and alcohol-free while at any NAYB event.
* Note that failure to adhere to the NAYB Code of Conduct may influence playing time.

Unacceptable behaviors include: 

* Use of abusive or profane language.
* Bullying, taunting, hitting or humiliating any other player (opponent or teammate).
* Showing disrespect to a referee, official, coach or spectator.
* Intentionally damaging NAYB or teammates equipment or property.


All violations of the NAYB Code of Conduct shall be addressed on an individual basis. Decisions are at the discretion of the NAYB Board of Directors.