NAYB Grievance Procedure

From time to time, a player, parent or coach might have a grievance with another player, parent, coach or NAYB. If a grievance does arise, please follow NAYB’s Grievance policy outlined below. The objective with any grievance is to resolve the issue at the most immediate level.

We advise parents and players to wait 24 hours following an incident. This gives all parties a chance to cool down, vent with others and/or seek advice from others, and attempt to see the other side’s point of view.

We then recommend you approach the individual you have an issue with, as they are probably the best one to recognize the issue and work with you towards a solution.

If a resolution still cannot be reached, the NAYB Grievance Committee should be notified of the issue.

If a resolution still cannot be reached, the formal grievance procedure documented below should be followed.


Any person with a complaint is required to submit the formal complaint to the NAYB Board using the grievance form. Click here to complete and submit the grievance form. Only grievances submitted using this form will be reviewed. Anonymous submissions will not be reviewed.

Part of the process may require interviewing various participants as well as the person(s) filing the complaint.

The Board will review the grievance at the next scheduled board meeting.

If a grievance requires immediate attention a special board meeting may be called.

The Board is responsible for reaching a decision in a timely manner regarding any potential disciplinary action.

The Board will issue written communication to all persons involved in the complaint documenting the decision reached by the Board.

All decisions reached by the Board are final. There are no appeals.

The Board will conduct follow up reviews to ensure compliance with the Board’s decision and to ensure the issue has been thoroughly resolved.



  • Player is bullying another player.
  • Coach is singling out a player for continued unfair criticism in practice.
  • Coach is generally abusive and unfair to their team, beyond a reasonable expectation.
  • Coach/Player on the team has touched my child inappropriately.
  • Coach/Player on the team has struck my child inappropriately.
  • My son/daughter should get more playing time than the coach is giving him or her – the coach is not following the MPR guidelines.
  • Any behavior in violations of the code of conduct.
  • Player repeatedly missing practice without notifying coach.

Not a Grievance

  • My son/daughter should have been on the A team not the B team.
  • My son/daughter tried out but did not make a team.
  • My son/daughter should be playing with this group of kids vs. the one he/she is playing with.
  • My son/daughter should get more playing time than the coach is giving him or her – even thought the coach is following the MPR guidelines.
  • My son/daughter never starts the game or is never in the game at the end, but does get the amount of time prescribed in the NAYB MPR guidelines.
  • I don’t like the coach’s offense. My son/daughter should be getting the ball more.